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So, you want to watch hot teen and coed babes get naked but you don’t want to watch the same pre-recorded porn scenes you always watch. Well, you can always easily find new porn movies to check out but I think what you would really like is a live cam site.

With live cam sites not only can you pick the babe you want to see but you are the one who gets to tell her what to do. You don’t have to rely on some other director to film something the way you want it, because you are the director (check out this interview with a real porn director). So, now the question becomes how do you find the best adult cam site to play with hot teens and coeds?

Before we get going with this though we need to understand that when looking for an adult cam site (as with any adult site really) it isn’t just about finding the best site, but it’s about finding the best site FOR YOU!

What Is Important For You

There are a lot of factors that go into a live cam site that you may not be thinking about when your mind is just so focused on seeing a hot coed spread her legs. But just take a deep breath and think with the head on your shoulders (as opposed to the one between your legs) and you will be much happier in the end.

What type of girls do you want? Are you all about pornstars? Or, maybe you like your teens amateur and girl-next-door (check out this historically interesting article from 2005 about the appeal for amateur porn)? Maybe you have a thing for Latinas or Asian chicks, or maybe you have a thing for Eastern European babes or prefer your hotties Caucasian and from North America. There are sites that tend to focus on a specific type of girl, but most cam sites will provide you with a variety – which is the spice of life as we all know (but did you know that that idiom is derived from a poem by the great poet William Cowper?).

webcam teen 2How much are you willing to pay? As you probably already know, most live cam sites require a payment to take the girls into a private chat – which is where all the good stuff happens. Generally you are going to pay a per-minute fee but these can vary quite a bit based on the site and even based on the performer.

Yes, there are also a few sites I have come across that offer a flat monthly fee and that could be good depending on how much you plan on using the site. And also there are some free sites. Yes, free sites. However, be aware that with these sites while you can get some hot views for free, the performers are obviously going to be more focused on the members who have purchased tokens and are giving them tips.

How about the little things? Do you have your own webcam and do you want to do cam2cam with the babe? Do you only want to spend time with girls who have HD cams? Is it important to you that the site have some kind of timer that lets you see how much money you are spending in real time while you are in private chat.

Deciding which of these things is important to you will allow you to better judge a site and especially better compare multiple sites that might all seem similar on the surface.

Read Reviews

With your priorities in mind I suggest reading reviews. Sure, you can just open up your browser and start searching and you will find loads of cam sites, but a site with reviews organized with scores and breakdowns of what the sites offer is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Check out the live cam section on Rabbits Reviews for example. There you can read full reviews as well as get quick breakdown of features like how many performers the site has, do they offer cam2cam, is there an advanced search, etc.

Try Them

While I am obviously a big proponent of doing your research, I am also a believer in hands-on experience and in the case of adult cam sites that means going to them and trying them out.

While you might be a little more cautious about doing that with a regular porn site where you have to pay before you can experience anything the site has to offer, that isn’t the case for live cam sites.

With almost all cam sites – not just the free token/tip-based ones – you can browse the site and the babes without spending a dime. Honestly you can even get a sense of the site without even getting the free membership that almost all of them teen 3

Now, I would recommend the free membership as it will allow you to chat with the girls in the free rooms, but technically you don’t have to to see what they look like and what kind of features and cam quality is generally offered.

As an example I found Go Adult Cams and decided to check it out. The site looked good and everything seemed pretty easy to understand. However, I did have a few questions about tokens and tips and the different kinds of shows that the girls offer but I found their FAQ page and pretty much got all the answers I needed.

Since this discussion is all about finding teens and coeds on cam I immediately clicked on the “college girls” category along the side of the page and all the performers that fell into said niche were there right in front of me. Of course should you want to focus your attention on older women, or just chick’s with big tits or fat babes or honeys that do anal…. They are all a click away.

Maybe there is a girl there that you just have to spend time with or maybe you want to browse a few more sites before deciding where best to spend your money. Either way you are now better prepared to find the best teen live cam site FOR YOU!

Speaking of a different kind of live cam. Guys, never refuse to kiss your girlfriend if you end up on the “kiss cam.”

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