Teen Girls Go Wild and Rabbits Cams Has Got You Covered

Girls Gone Wild!

Joe-Francis-founder-of-Girls-Gone-Wild-and hot chicksThen in the late 90s a man named Joe Francis created the Girls Gone Wild video series and all our lives were changed forever. Now, rather than having to go to Spring Break and Mardi Gras to see babes party and flash their tits and make out with each other, Joe and his crew were doing it for us. All we had to do was watch late night TV and call the number we saw on the Girls Gone Wild infomercials.

Now we could watch real teens and college babes – girls that would be going back to class in a few days – letting off some steam and letting out their inner party girl, and horny girl, and lesbian girl and all those other “girls” we know are in them and love to see emerge.

These wild girls are awesome and the video series became a huge hit and created a new genre of “porn” that was heavily based in reality rather than scripted action with pornstars. But what it also did was make us hungry for more and when we want more the adult industry is going to see that and bring “more” to us. And this is where adult live cam sites come into our lives.

Live Cams

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and to me live cam sites are the continuation of what Girls Gone Wild started. GGW brought us hot amateur girls, girls that we could see on any college campus and they revealed the naughty side we always heard about. Live cam sites do the same thing but what makes them maybe even better, is that they put you in the position of Joe Francis (without all the legal and tax troubles).

You are the director of the show. You are the one coaxing the girls to get naughtier, to show more to do more…. And yes, the difference is that girls on Spring Break don’t go there knowing they are going to end up showing their tits on film, while girls on live cam sites are there to do that and more.

And yes, the live cam industry has grown to a point where you will find some big name porn babes putting on shows. But even with all that, there is a reality and immediacy to a live cam experience that is much more akin to GGW than your regular porn movies.

Rabbits Cams

Those of you who have spent some time on live cam sites know what I am talking about, but whether you have or not, I would recommend checking out Rabbits Cams as a great place to have an adult live cam experience.

First off, the site looks good and is easy to navigate – you may not think about this kind of thing, but a pleasant surfing experience is almost as important as anything else with these kind of sites.

Next, I can tell you that Rabbits Cams has all kinds of babes from BBWs to MILFs, from girls that are into bondage to babes that love sticking stuff up their ass. And of course, the most important kind of all…. TEENS!teen head turned bra panties bed

There is a whole category dedicated to “Teen 18+” and that is where I headed on this fine day. I can tell you that there were over 100 live girls in this category alone who were online and ready to chat. That number is good, but it is even more impressive given how early in the morning it was. I have been on the site during more normal hours and that number was even much higher.

So, I will admit that my biggest problem with live cam sites is picking a girl to talk to. I love to just browse in and out of the free chat rooms and see as many babes as possible. But I always find a few that make me stop in my tracks and when that happens I know it is “private chat” time.

The free rooms are great for getting to know the girls a little. Finding out what they will be willing to do in private and of course checking out the quality of their cam – which, for most of the babes I saw, was HD with a crisp, clear image and great, fluid motion.

Before you end up in a private chat you will also know what the performer is charging per minute. If it is too high for your liking you can always just back away but overall I found that most of the teens were charging a pretty reasonable and average per-minute price.

There are lots of live cam sites out there but there is no doubting that Rabbits Cams is one of the best ones around. High-quality girls both very amateur and pornstar, the cams are often high-quality and you get to decide which girls at which prices are best for you before you drop a dime on anything.

So, stop hanging out at colleges asking people where the big party is next weekend, leave your Girls Gone Wild VHS tapes (for those of you who remember what those are) and DVDs in the drawer and take all your wild teen/coed fantasies to Rabbits Cams where you can direct and make them a reality live right on the screen in front of you.

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